Thursday, 22 February 2018

Math and Language Updates

We have been really busy since we returned from our Christmas break!

In math, the grade 3 students have explored and learned measurement, area & perimeter, and patterning. When exploring measurement, students learned how to convert measurements (e.g. 100 cm = 1 m,   1000 m = 1 km), and how to measure objects using standard units of measure (cm, m) and non-standard units of measure (paper clips, pencils). In area & perimeter, students learned how to discover the area of an object using squared units, and how to discover the perimeter using squared units and measurements.

Currently in math, we have begun exploring and learning multiplication and division.

In language, the grade 3 students have been working on narrative writing. They have explored the shape-go-map and have utilized that to help them when writing their stories. We continue to use Google Slides for research tasks - ask your child about our most recent research task for Black History Month. We also continue to work on our reading comprehension by exercising our inferring skills by relating text-to-self, and writing full and complete responses to questions based on the text using clues found in the text.