Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Grade 3 Rocks!

We have been very busy in grade 3! Take a look at some awesome pictures of our students at work below:

In math, we learned a lot about money. We learned different types of coins, their value in cents, how to find a total (adding), and how to make change (subtracting). When working with word problems, students are encouraged to look at the three parts of a word problem to help them problem solve. The three parts to a word problem are: Scenario (what is happening?), Information (what are the facts?), and Question (what is being asked?).

In language, we had an amazing poetry month. Students learned different types of poetry styles and were able to create their own. Ask your child to share with you some of their poems and/or to teach you a specific style of poetry.

In science, students continue to look at structures and the idea of stability. Grade 3 students had an opportunity to create their own stable structures using toothpicks, marshmallows, and straws. Ask your child about their experience building their structure and if their structure was stable. We will be planting seeds soon in science as we start to discuss plants and how they grow.